People hire me to do stuff

If you're looking to inspire dialogue, action, reflection and positive change you've come to the right place.With a background as a performer and community play practitioner with 20+ years of facilitation experience, Steph Gesling loves teaching InterPlay. She is the creator of Rest and Play , a community of curious humans celebrating and embracing their creative power in work and life.

Creative Facilitation


I would be delighted to come to your event, conference or workplace to lead fun and inspiring icebreaker activities.


I equip people to communicate elegantly, effectively and with greater ease.


The storytelling games and facilitation that I offer allow participants to connect in ways that  go beyond the boundaries of day-to-day dialogue without becoming awkward.

My friend and mentor, Melbourne Storyteller, Julie Perrin often cites an old Jewish saying:


The task of the Storyteller is to make a place where wisdom, who is like a shy animal can come out to graze.

Community Development

Working with people is challenging, but the right approach can build confidence, power and vision that inspires action.


I tell stories and teach practices to build leadership, momentum and capacity.


My methodology is based on the philosophy and practices developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation with over 65 years of successful organising experience.


These practices are being used effectively in an Australian context by The Sydney Alliance.

This approach is uniquely paired with my training as a qualified leader of
a global social movement dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability and play.

Workshops and Creative Coaching

Claim your space, find your groove, rekindle creativity and tap into the wisdom of your body.
1-1 meeting: Online or face to face
$70 - 1.5 hour Creative Coaching session 


In these sessions you will discover simple, powerful ways of reconnecting to your body’s wisdom by moving between imaginative embodiment, silent writing, and spoken reflection. Scheduling some time away from the sessions to integrate new learnings is also recommended.

Groups: Minimum 6 participants
$249 - 2 hour Warm Up to Play workshop

Group workshops are excellent for building relationship in a team or community, connecting with the wisdom of the body and learning to be comfortable with creating in the moment... find out more or book a group session.

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