air guitarists on the stage, I'm on the left bathed in yellow light.

Organising, agitating and co-creating with not-for-profits, arts organisations, community groups, artists, small business owners, churches & entrepreneurs has taught me to value my time and to listen carefully for the wisdom of those on the edges of communities.


My volunteer work has ranged from promoting and supporting artists like ATM15 and festivals like DodgeFest, to assisting young Aboriginal leaders through the Uniting Church in Australia.


I'd love to hear from you. What brings you here? ...What can I do for you?

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Hi, I'm Steph. Some of my closest friends don't know that I'm a champion air guitarist, but it probably wouldn't surprise them.

People who know me even just a little tend to be clued in to my love of art, language and creative communication.


Many would know me as a connector, events administrator and curator, a singer, an InterPlay teacher and community organiser.


I'm passionate about music, art

and anything that creates an opportunity

for people to grow, connect and act,

powerfully and creatively.

Steph Gesling improvised storytelling at a Melbourne Poetry Slam